Basic Methods To Recover iPhoto Library From Your Mac System

iPhoto is an application especially designed by Apple for Mac OS X systems. This photo library folder is considered as a self-contained folder which resembles just like single file into the Finder program. As the name indicates, the program allows you to import your valuable photos from an iPod or digital camera and helps in sorting, tagging and organizing the pictures. However, sometimes when you tap on iPhoto library, you will immediately get an error notification which stops you from accessing pictures stored onto it. Occasionally, the iPhoto library folder displays such error messages when it gets corrupted.

recover iPhoto library

Most of the professional experts of Mac OS suggest you to rebuild your iPhoto library in order to recover it. But the important thing that you should understand that rebuilding the iPhoto library could result in losing lovable photos that were present onto it. But if you know the best way, you will no longer have to fear about the issue that you have lost all your precious photos whenever you get an irritating error message after trying to open iPhoto library folder. However, it can be accomplished by understanding where those pictures are saved withing the Mac system and then you can easily recover iPhoto library on your Mac computer.

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Stellar Mac Data Recovery




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Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery





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Mac Data Recovery Guru



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Fireebok Mac Data Recovery





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Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery




Possible Reasons Behind the Loss of Images From iPhoto Library

  • Accidentally deleting a picture file from iPhoto library or deleting an entire folder.

  • Corruption onto the iPhoto library database will result in the frequent crash of iPhoto that makes the pictures stored onto it completely inaccessible.

  • Any kind of interruption during the synchronization of iPhoto library between Mac system and a digital camera results in the photo loss.

  • Synchronization error will lead to the deletion of important images from both sources and the destination.

  • Attack of malicious viruses onto the pictures stored in iPhoto library folder make the images unusable which usually occurs during the data import from the Internet.

  • Sometimes the Mac users format hard drive at the time of installing operating system or converting the file system and just forget to backup iPhoto library.

  • Due to some logical errors into Mac hard drive, the user may force to format their drive that causes the loss of huge amount of data along with iPhoto library.

Note: In any of the above mentioned cases, if you have lost the complete iPhoto library, then do not conclude that you have lost all the pictures stored in iPhoto library. However, it is extremely possible that you can easily recover iPhoto library by using the tips provided on Apple’s support website or just follow the instructions mentioned below in this article.

Steps To Get Back Photos From Deleted iPhoto Library

  • At first, locate the ‘Finder’ bar available at the top of your Mac machine.

  • Press on ‘Go’ button and then select ‘Home’ from the appeared menu.

  • After that, you will come across to the files located under username.

  • Here, just find ‘Pictures’ option and double tap on it in order to bring up all the files & folders contained in folder.

  • Now, look for the file named ‘iPhoto library’. Although, it doesn’t look like as a system folder or an image file, but instead have a small logo of iPhoto which is next to the file name.

  • Right-click on the file identified as ‘iPhoto library’ and select the option displayed as ‘Show Packages Contents’.

  • Double-tap onto the folder named ‘Data’ within the folder ‘Package Contents’.

  • In the folder, you will find all your valuable photos that have been saved on your system.

  • You can also find the series of folders that you have uploaded onto the iPhoto.

  • Finally, you just need to copy and paste all the files onto your desktop or any another secure location onto your Mac computer.

Important: In case, if the above mentioned method failed to recover iPhoto library, then you can visit the website i.e. “” for other recovery solution or try to use efficient and powerful third party tool for deleted iPhoto library recovery.

Third Party Software To Recover iPhoto Library Folder

Before using the third party recovery utility in order to recover iPhoto library folder, you have to understand one of the most important thing that do not try to add, modify or delete the file structure of iPhoto library outside the iPhoto. Because, it can corrupt your entire photo library and makes unusable and inaccessible for you. However, backup of important pictures is one of the best way to protect your files from unfavorable or unexpected data corruption and loss situations. In case, if you don’t have a backup solution, then you can take the help of data recovery software from the list of utilities provided below in the next para. Besides, we will also help you in choosing the best one regarding your iPhoto recovery issue, so continue reading this article.

1. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery can get photo back from iPhoto library on Mac operating system. It recovers pictures stored on the iPhoto library folder including JPG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, IMG, CRW, PIC, NEF, CR2, MOS, ARI, SRW etc. Although, the recovery of other crucial files or documents is also possible with the use of this recovery utility. Its advanced scanning algorithm will assist Mac users to retrieve entire media files, such as music files, video clips, photos, along with Office files, etc. This Mac iPhoto library recovery software provides user friendly interface for restoring media files with very simple recovery steps. It can restore files from other external storage devices like memory card, external hard drive, FireWire drives, SSD drives, USB drives and so on.

Features of Stellar Mac Data Recovery

  • It has the ability to recover iPhoto library files on Mac operating systems.

  • Facilitates the RAW recovery on lost Mac volumes and also the data recovery from encoded file systems.

  • Provides smooth Mac file recovery procedure on unmounted OS X volumes.

  • Achieves complete success rate of data recovery process for Mac operating system after the logical disk errors.

  • The Mac iPhoto library recovery utility is compatible with Mac OS Sierra 10.6 or later versions.

System Requirements

  • Processor: Intel

  • Memory: 1GB minimum

  • Hard Disk: 50MB of free space

  • Operating system: Mac OS Sierra 10.6 or later

2. Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery

Accidentally deleting iPhoto library folder may not be an unfamiliar issue for most of the Mac users, when lose valuable and memorable pictures and have no idea to restore them. Never let this kind of issue troubles you, because with the help of Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery you can easily recover iPhoto library in few simple click. It is considered as one of the most effective way to retrieve the lost of deleted iPhoto library from Mac OS X. If you have tried manual method and other ways for iPhoto library recovery but still cannot get your lost images back, then you may try Tenorshare Mac data recovery tool which provides complete data recovery solution in order to restore all types of files from your Mac system. It will surely help you to rescue deleted pictures which has been lost due to any reasons.

Prominent Features of Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery

  • By scanning your machine with the help of this data recovery utility, you can get back lost iPhoto library or other type of valuable data from any disks and Mac devices.

  • Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery is easy enough for the beginners to handle and provides professional and powerful scanning algorithm with some other amazing features.

  • Get back lost files in more than 550 file format including videos, photos, and important documents.

  • The software is an easy-to-use application comes with user-friendly interface in order to guide beginners through the entire data recovery procedure.

  • At the time of using Tenorshare iPhoto recovery software, no technical skills are required for the users.

  • It comes up with four recovery modes that are provided for accurate Mac data recovery, including RAW recovery, Lost files or photos recovery, iTunes backup recovery and the partition recovery.

Suggestion: To know more about how to recover iPhoto library, you can visit:

System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 1GHz and above

  • RAM: 512 MB or above (Recommended 1GB)

  • Hard Disk Space: 200MB of free space for this utility

  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 EI Capitan.

3. Mac Data Recovery Guru

Mac Data Recovery Guru is one of the most effective tool that can rescue iPhoto library quickly from your Mac system. It is technologically advanced and modern recovery tool which comes with easy-to-use interface that helps the novice users to recover iPhoto library and other valuable data in just few simple steps. This utility works by employing the content-based file scanning algorithm. This is considered as a different approach as compare to traditional forms of data recovery which attempts to restore the files easily. The recovery method of Mac Data Recovery Guru opens the system in read-only mode and then it will search through the entire machine for lost or deleted files. Hence, no matter what the situation behind iPhoto library loss, this software can easily retrieve those data and will proved as the best data recovery utility.

Salient Features of Mac Data Recovery Guru

  • Undelete lost or corrupted iPhoto library in Mac operating system.

  • Provides user-friendly interface and also comes with Finder window interface.

  • Thumbnail previews of the files that are eligible for restoration.

  • Scan for the corrupted images and restore them at the same time.

  • Recover valuable files from failing Mac hard drives.

  • Mac Data Recovery Guru uses Apple’s latest ARC memory management system.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 or later

  • CPU: 64-bit Intel Processor

  • RAM: 1GB (recommended)

  • Hard disk: 500MB of free space

Notice: For more information related to deleted iPhoto library recovery, you can also visit ‘‘ for other related solution.

4. Fireebok Mac Data Recovery

Fireebok Data Recovery software comes with five powerful and advanced recovery option that helps you to restore iPhoto library which have been lost due to any scenarios. It recovers the data more safely and effectively, if you have deleted the data intentionally or by mistake. The tool is available with Deleted Recovery Mode which is more effective option to find and recover iPhoto library on your Mac computer. It will also retrieve the photos stored on iPhoto library according to the file system of scan volume, which works especially for the formatted volumes. The deep recovery mode of Fireebok Mac Data Recovery program scans the lost data with a more thorough way. However, if you cannot see the Mac partition where you lost data located, you can employ lost partition recovery feature in order to find the partition and restore your files. Besides, you can also protect your disk or volume data by just creating an exact image of storage drive to avoid missing data or backup which is overwritten by other files.

Key Features of Fireebok Mac Data Recovery

  • Rescue not only iPhoto library, but also video, music files, emails, archive, documents etc.

  • It support more than 500 file types for recovery.

  • Fireebok Mac Data Recovery tool can restore data from your Mac hard drive and storage media like digital camera, iPod, flash card etc.

  • Supported file systems are HFS, NTFS, HFS+, exFAT, FAT16 and FAT32.

  • You can easily pause and resume the data recovery procedure according to your needs.

  • Before going for the file recovery, you can also preview photos, video, documents, archives, emails and listen audio files in order to confirm which file you want to retrieve.

System Requirements

  • OS Support: Mac OS X 10.6 or later

  • CPU: 64-bit Intel Processor

  • RAM: 1GB Recommended

  • Hard disk: 200 MB of free space

5. Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery is one of the most real and powerful free software for iPhoto library recovery. It allows you to restore unlimited GB of lost or deleted data without paying one penny. The tool is a free recovery utility which provides you the facility to recover iPhoto library and other valuable data that have lost from your Mac OS X due to any reasons. It is especially designed by the experts for Mac operating system environment and it can easily be used by any Mac users to restore files or data from FAT, FAT32, HFS, HFS+, EXFAT, NTFS as well as other file system. Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery tool helps you to restore deleted Mac operating system files or data from any kind of mountable media like your external hard disk, internal hard disk, memory cards, USB Flash disk, iPods etc. All in all, it uses the most secure, up-to-date, powerful and speedy data recovery algorithm that can help you to restore disk data even after the partitions are formatted, deleted or damaged.

Features of Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

  • Recover iPhoto library, even if the file is deleted accidentally or hidden onto the operating system.

  • Uses two powerful recovery methods i.e. drive recovery and file recovery in order to help you rescue your valuable iPhoto library folder.

  • Perform a deep scan to locate your data and then display you the list of recovered results in quite easy-to-use interface.

  • Restoration of deleted or lost music, photo, video, apps, documents from your hard drive and memory card if the storage media is reformatted.

  • At the time of file scanning is being conducted, you can preview the files restored by Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery tool and also provides free technical support as well.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 or later

  • Processor: Intel

  • Memory (RAM): 1GB minimum

  • Hard disk: 40MB of free space

Expert’s Choice: Use Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery To Recover iPhoto Library

Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery program is a potent tool that has the ability to easily find and recover iPhoto library file on Mac computer. The software is capable of restoring lost or deleted photo from the iPhoto library folder. Through its unique potential, the tool aids you in retrieving pictures from corrupted, damaged or broken iPhoto library folder which is created onto the Mac systems and Notebook. Along with recovery of iPhoto library, it can also rescue other medial files like videos, songs, Note, Page document and so on. Addition to iPhoto library folder, it recovers files from various storage devices such as external hard drive, hard disk, memory card, iPod, memory stick, Fire Wire drive, USB drive etc. on Macintosh OS X. This software is compatible with all versions of Mac operating systems and it can recover iPhoto library after system crash, lost or deleted iPhoto library folder, corrupt iPhoto files and more. Although, smart and simple user-interface of this utility makes the data recovery procedure much easier even for novice users.

How To Use Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software To Recover iPhoto Library

  • Select “Drive or Partition” and click on “Recover Data” option. Also, you need to check “Quick or Advance Scan” option and then go to “Start Scan”.

  • You will see the recovery utility start performing quick scanning for lost or deleted iPhoto library folder.

  • Now, click on “OK” button in the appeared “Scan Completed” pop-up.

  • You can preview the iPhoto library files recovered by Stellar Phoenix Mac iPhoto library recovery program.

  • Here, you need to select the desired files and click on “Recover” button.

  • Choose the destination for saving rescued iPhoto library files.

  • If you are sure about the destination folder, tap on “Proceed Anyway” option.